Southeastern Consulting Services, Inc. is the industry leader in the use of herbicides and formulating herbicide plans to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. Herbicides are often the most economical way for landowner’s to achieve their goals. These goals may be aesthetics, reforestation, removal of undesirable competition, or invasive species management. Regardless of the herbicide need, SCS, Inc. can tailor a plan to help you accomplish your goals at a reasonable price. We are Licensed Certified Pesticide Applicators by the Department of Agriculture. Fell free to contact us with your specific goals and we will formulate an herbicide management plan that will help you meet your objectives.

Exotic Invasive Species Management - This includes removal of Kudzu, Wisteria, Privet, and other exotic invasive species.

Site Preparation Spraying for Reforestation

Mid-Rotation Release Spraying

Property Aesthetics - Let us achieve that park-like appearance you have been desiring for your property.

Removal of Undesired Woody Underbrush - We specialize in the removal of undesirable species in the understory whether your objectives are wildlife oriented such as a quail plantations or creating Wild Turkey habitat, or in order to maximize your timber income by distributing the nutrients to the target species.

Pond and Lake Management